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Monday, March 18, 2019

Lionel Messi by Dimas

Lionel Messi is My idol, his full name is Lionel Andres Messi. He was born in Rosario, Argentina, on 24 june 1987. his father’s name is Jorge Horacio Messi, and his mother is Celia Maria Cuccittini. he has 2 brothers and 1 sister. His brother name are Rodrigo and Matias. His sister’s name is Maria Sol.
Events :
Lionel Messi is a famous footballer playing for Barcelona Fc in Spain. He is a very talented footballer. He can dribble well like dancing. He can also run very fast although his body is too short for a footballer. He can pass the ball well and help his team winning a game. Beside those abilities, Lionel Messi is also an excelent goal getter. He often goals in every game he plays.

Lionel Messi has several achievement. He has ever won the best footballer in the world 3 times. In Spain he has several achievement such as the best goalscorer and top goalscorer. He brings Barcelona to win throphy of La Liga and Champions League many times.

Unfortunately, his achievement in La Liga doens’t bring anything to his career in Argentina’s team.since he has joined the national team,they never win a throphy.
Reorientation :
Messi is well-known as a very kindhearted person. He is very polite in and outside the pitch. He founds and institution of charity to help children in health and education

Social Media

By Ayudia Eysa Putri from XI IPS B

Social media is a channel to get along and do with connecting to the internet. Use can easily send messages, share news and activities for other users.

Increased technological developments from this. Nowadays, social media has become a major requirement for young children to adults. Indonesia is one of the most internet users in the world.

The use of social media must agree to use not to harm yourself. Basically, social media is a tool to devote complaints. More people like to bully others.

Social media is a means of communication that facilitates interaction between humans and can be useful for educational facilities and others. But if it is misused, it can improve a lot, so it must be careful in its use.

Question :
1. What is meant by social media?
2. What are the benefits of social media?
3. What are the types of social media?
4. What is the impact of social media on life?
5. What are the positive effects of social media?


By Mardalena Wulandari from XI IPS B

Flooding is an event that occurs when excessive water flows soak the land. Usually floods come suddenly and flow so quickly that they wash away objects. There are two types of floods namely, flash floods and small floods.

The cause of flooding does not only occur due to natural factors but also humans factors. If natural factors namely, high rainfall in an area so that river water cannot accommodate water as usual. while, the human factor is to throw garbage randomly into the river so that the river water flow becomes clogged.

The impact of floods is that valuable items are lost, public facilities are damaged, clean water is scarce, diseases arise, physical damage such as buildings or houses.
Floods can be prevented by always throwing garbage in its place. Do not make garbage in the river area which can actually cause flooding, the effect of which will return to each of us.

Questions :
1. What do you know about floods?
2. What causes the occurrence of floods due to natural factors?
3. Why throwing garbage into the river causes flooding?
4. What are the effects of the flood?
5. How to prevent flooding?

How does Rain Fall?

By Eka Rahma Listia from XI IPS B

Rain is one of the main sources of fresh water for almost all people in the wold. It provides suitable conditions for diverse ecsystems. It is also used as hydroelectric power plants and crop irrigation but, do yoy know hoe rain happens? 

The rains phenomenon is actually what we ofter call ass water circle. The concept of the water  cycle involves the sun heating the earths surface water  and causing the surface water to evaporate. Then the water vapor rises into the earths atmosphere. The water in the atmosphere cools and condnses into liquid deoplets. The deoplets geow bigger and heavier and fall to the earth as precpitation. 
However , not all rain can reach the surface of the earth.


By Kintan Dwi Oktaviani from XI IPS B

Tornado is a natural phenomenon in the form of very strong winds and forms a connection between cumulonimbus and the ground. Usually this wind is a condensation funnel with a narrowed tip touching the earth and surrounded by clouds carrying debris.

Tornadoes occur because of clashes between hot and cold air. besides that there is an air current that rises upward strongly in the clouds. usually a tornado occurs when the transition season.

Tornado can cause damage because it can knock down and bring whatever is passed. plus more tornadoes often occur together with lightning and heavy rain. in a year there are many losses of life and material due to tornadoes.

Questions :
1. Explain the occurrence of a tornado?
2. What is the meaning of a tornado?
3. What is the shape of a tornado?
4. When does a tornado occur?
5. What is the impact of a tornado?

What Happens to Lightning

By Lili Rahmawati from XI IPS B

Lightning is a natural phenomenon. This lightning can be analogous to a giant condenser. In this case the first plate is a cloud that can be cast as negative or positive, and the second plate is Earth which is considered a negative plate.

Lightning occurs because of the potential difference between clouds and earth or with other clouds. Lightning also occurs through several processes. To see in detail the processes released by lightning are as follows:

1. The filling process in the cloud is because the cloud keeps moving regularly and continuously. During this move, the cloud will move with another cloud which will contain the negative one which will discuss on one side only and vice versa will support the positive side.
2. A negative release occurs, this occurs a potential release between the cloud and the earth is quite large. This will exceed the agreement to load negatives from clouds to earth to achieve equilibrium. In this transport process, the media through which electrons (negative energy) is air
3. When electrons are able to penetrate the air isolation boundary this is what happens to the sound explosion that we hear as a thunderous sound.

Lightning is one of the most powerful and destructive natural phenomena. Even though the lightning current is only momentary, it is about 200 microseconds, but the damage caused is very extraordinary. The effects of direct attacks are very obvious, ranging from building damage, damage, to the danger of death for humans.

● Answer The Following Questions!
1.What is meant by lightning?
2. Explain the lightning process?
3. In the process of removing a negative charge, what media is passed by an electron?
4. What is the effect of the lightning direct attack that is very clearly visible?
5. What is the estimated lightning current?


By Rika Putri Pratiwi from XI IPS B

waste is one of the objects that cannot be used or used anymore. the type of waste itself is divided into two, first is organic waste and the second is non-organic waste. organic waste is garbage that can be decomposed by bacteria very easily for example vegetables, dried leaves. while non-organic waste itself is a kind of garbage money is very difficult to describe such as bottles, cans, plastic and so on.
Surrounding the rubbish community is indeed a phenomenon that is quite widely encountered. In the beginning, rubbish is a matter that is usually scattered around the house and so on. However, it turns out that garbage can have a considerable impact on the community itself, such as floods, landslides and can also be a source of disease

1. What do you know about garbage
2. What are the causes of garbage?
3. What are the types of garbage?
4. What is the impact of garbage?
5. What are examples of organic and non-organic waste?

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