Thursday, January 17, 2019

Arizka Dwi Cintami’s Letter

Bengkulu, January 10, 2019

Yolan Rizki Aulia
Jln. Pasar Minggu, No. 35

Hey, how are you, Lan? I hope you are fine and healthy always! Because I’m here also healthy and fine Lan.

Uh, Lan, I plan to go to my aunt’s house in Palembang next month. So I can stop by your house. Allow if later I play with your house Lan? You should be allowed to do it anyway, because I miss you so much with Lan. Just watch it if you can’t !!

Lan, are you still keeping rabbits at home? Now how many are there? Must have added a lot huh? They are funny and smart like you.

Lan, I have a letter from me first. Don’t forget, Lan replied. I’m waiting for your reply!

From your beautiful friend,
Arizka Dwi Cintami

Desi Suryani

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  1. Palembang, Januari 31, 2019

    To Ariska
    From Yolan

    Dear Ariska,
    Thank you for your last letter. I feel happy to hear you be fine. In here i fine too. And how are your family ka?

    Oh really? Yes, i definitely allow it. Because, i really miss you too. I will wait for your visit at my house ka. My mom and dad must be happy too for your arrival.

    I have replied to your latter huh? Hehe. I really waiting your visit at my house ka. I miss you so much ka.

    From your best friend,

    Nama: Annisa Ul Khairiyah
    Kelas: XI MIPA C

    1. Nama:Sukma ayu ningsih
      Kelas :XI mipa c

      Hello, Arizka, my news is fine, how about you? if you want to visit your aunt's house, I will wait for your arrival and wait for your arrival at my house, of course I still keep rabbits in my house and the number has increased to 5 rabbits.
      ohhh ... yes there are some rabbits that I haven't named if you want, give them the name that suits them.
      have a nice trip

      Your friend