Thursday, January 17, 2019

Chairunnisa’s Letter

Jl.karang anyer 2

Argamakmur 2018

Hello my friend, how are you there? I hope you are good. I miss you because we have not met in a long time. Do you miss me too? If you are on vacation, I hope you can visit Lampung. I’m sure you will love it because it is a beautiful city. I will take you to many places like Kiluan bay and to the most beautiful places in Indonesia. I know that you love surfing and I have so many secret places for you to surf, so I recommend you to visit here a couple of weeks.

Hopefully we can meet soon, my best friend..

Your friend,

Desi Suryani

Author & Editor

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  1. Ghina salsabila putri

    Paris 2019

    Hai Tika, I am doing well. how about you ?. I miss you too much. okay, if I have time I will visit Lampung and other places with you. You always know what is my favorite. and also if you have time you also visit here.
    I also hope we can meet and spend time together. I love you.

    Your bestfriend

  2. TIKA
    Jl.Iskandar 2

    BENGKULU 2019

    Hello, as you expected me to be fine here. i miss you too much. I really want to go to Lampung.

    I want to visit a beautiful place there and want to surf in extraordinary places as you tell me. it looks like your advice is good, I will visit there in about two weeks. I am very impatient to look forward to that.

    See you soon my best friend

    your best friend,

    from : Della Ariska
    Class : XI MIPA C

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  4. Hello my friend, I am good here, I hope too, I really miss you here, I really miss you when we like to be able to play together, yes when I will get to Lampung, then when I go to Lampung, take me to a good place and the best tourist spot in Lampung, I hope we can meet in Lampung later, my best friend, see you again my best friend

  5. Dear: Rosi aprillia monica lestari
    To: chairunnisa
    Yes iam fine, yes i miss friend of course, i will visit the city of lampung and i will collect your promise to take me around the city lampung

    From : Rossi Aprillia Monica Lestari
    Class : XI MIPA C