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Crying Stone, Narative Text from Nurunnisa Ardiny

A long time ago , in a remote villlage in the province of west Kalimantan, Indonesia. Lived a window with a beautiful daughter. Her name is darmi. They lived in ahut located at the end of the village. Since the father is died , their life became difficult. While her daughter a girl child, but she is a girl who’s lazy. The work is make-up and admire her beauty in front of the mirror. it is not willing to help her mother.

Mother : Darmi, come help mother in fields,
Darmi : No mom, ..!! I will not go into the fields later dirty nilefingers and mud skinned man.
Mother :are you not sorry to see mother mi..?
Darmi : No..!! just an old mother worked in the fields . because there was no longer the man who is. Intreresed in the mother’s face was wrinkeled.
Mother : (hmmm,ck,go away.)
Lasmi : Hey darmi..?  Why you don’t helped your mother in the fields..!!
Darmi : No.. no.. no.. I can’t help my mother, because I’m afraid my nailfingers and skin is dirty.
Lasmi : Why..? you just think about your skin and nail fingers. You must helped your mother in fields for got the money..
Darmi : What do you mean..? I can’t helped my mother. Can you hear that..!!!
Lasmi :ooowwgghtt.. I don’t think you like that to your mother. I’m disappointed, have a friend like you.
Listen to darmi is anwered, lami go away. She go to in the field, but before arrived in the field. She meet darmi’s mother in hut, darmi’s mother taking to break.
Mother : Huufftt…. I’m so tired..
Lasmi : Assalamualaikum …aunt.  What are you doing..?how you lunch..??
Mother : Eemmmmm…lasmi. I take break.  Notyet, because I haven’t money to buy rices.
Lasmi : Casually.. I bring some foods for your lunch..
Mother : Oohh… thank you lasmi your take care.
Lasmi : Youre welcome..
After the finished a lunch, they are go home ….  Arrived darmi’s mother at home.
Darmi : Mom! Where money weges that!
Mother : Don’t, mi..!! the money is to buy a need for our lives today..
Drmi : But,mom,,!! My powder has been exhausted .. I nedd to purchace a new one,,
Mother : You don’t know the children themselves ..! you know spend money,but don’t want to work.
Despite the anger, the mother still gives my money to day,when her mother wanted to go to the market, darmi advice that bought a beauty. But her mother doesn’t know the beauty of her purpose. Then her mother asked her come to the market.
Mother : If so, let’s a company mother to the market..!!
Darmi : I don’t want to go to market with mom..
Mother : But, mother doesn’t know the beauty that you mean it..
Narator: But ,when pressed, darmi been prepared to accompany her mother to the market.
Darmi : I want to follow the mother to the market, but the condition have to walk behind mother.
Mother : It is why,,?
Darmi : I’m embarrassed to those villages where walking side by side with mother…
Mother : Why be shy,,? Am I not your mother,,?
Darmi : Mother should look in the mirror. See the mother’s face was wrinkled and very dirty clothes that mother.! I’m embarrassed mother had a mess like that.
Although sad, the mother was obeying a request her daughter. A long the journey. Darmi meet with som friends who live in other villages.
First friend : Hey darmi. Where are you..?
Darmi : To market..
First friend : Then, who was behind it..? what’s your mother..?
Darmi :Of course it’s not my mother. She wass the assistant.
Run a hunderboh struck the old women listened to his daughter. But she’s silent while suppress my sorrow. After that, they also extend the trip to the market. Not long run, they meet with someone.. Second friends :hey darmi..! where are you..?

Darmi : want to market..
Second friend : Who is behind it..?
Darmi :She’s my assistant.
Darmi thrown answers to make her mom sad hearts. Finally the mother stopped, and sat by the roadside.
Darmi : Mom, why stop..?!!
Darmi asked a few times. But her mother still haven’t ansewered the question. Momen later , darmi see her mother prayed..!!
Darmi : hey, mother was what..?
The mother still haven’t answered her question. It’s still prayedto god to punish the rebellious daughter is.
Mother : Yes lord ..!! forgive this poor the servant. Slaves aren’t willing to face the attitude of this rebel slaves. Give capital punishment.

 A few second , later suddenly the sky became overcast. Rain strikes and thunder rumbles deafening sound. Heavy rain came. The pals feel darmi changed into stone. Darmi already to panic.

Darmi : Mother…. Mother…!! What happened to my feet,mom,,??  Excuse darmi ..!! darmi’m sorry mom… darmi will not repeat it again, mom,,!!
However, what to do , rice has became porridge. Finnaly , darmi’s body became to the stone.

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