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Legend of Putri Gading Cempaka by Ashwarani Felisya Putri

In ancient times, there lived a great king in Bengkulu. His name is the king of the Great Queen. He led the Serut River kingdom for years and during that time, people in the kingdom lived peacefully and prosperously. The king has seven children. The last child was his only daughter in the family and his name was Putri Gading Cempaka.

Putri Gading Cempaka is very beautiful and good. There are so many men from the aristocratic class who came to their kingdom to propose to the princess but his father, the king of the Great Queen, rejected them all because for him Putri Gading Cempaka was too young to marry.

One day, the king called all his children into his room. At that time he was very weak and he told them all "My children, I think my time has come to leave you. I have two important messages that I want to say before I die. First, I appoint the Inner Child as my sixth child to become the next king in our kingdom. I hope all of you can accept my decision. Secondly, if a major disaster occurs in this land and you consider that there is nothing you can do to save it, go to the mountain of Humpback and stay there. Wait until a great king comes to propose to my daughter. All the children listen to the message well. A few days later, the king died.

Everyone in the kingdom mourned the death of the king. A few days after the funeral ceremony, they began carrying out their father's will. They held a coronation ceremony for Anak Dalam to replace their father as the new king. For several reasons, they decided to change the name of the kingdom to the kingdom of Bangkahulu. Just like his father, Son In leading the kingdom wisely and people like him very much.

One day, a prince from the kingdom of Aceh came to their land. He brought with him so many people and gifts because he wanted to apply for Putri Gading Cempaka. He sent several of his soldiers and advisers to the palace to meet the king of the Anak Dalam. When they arrived at the palace, the advisor declared their intention to the king. Raja Anak Dalam told the advisor that they could not accept the prince's proposal because they had to keep their promise to their father. After that the advisor and soldier returned to their ship and reported the results to the prince.

The prince was very angry at the news from his advisor. He felt that the king of the Inner Child and his brothers had insulted him with their decision. So he also challenged the king of the Children to fight. The big war was inevitable and the war lasted for days with so many victims. At that time, the king of Anak Dalam and his brothers realized that this might be the right time to carry out their father's second will. So they decided to bring whatever they could and fled to the mountain Bending along with some of the survivors of the war.

When the king of Anak Dalam and his people fled the kingdom, the prince of Aceh returned to his kingdom. A few weeks later, a wise man named Maharaja Sakti came to the land.

The Maharaja Sakti became their king and took over the kingdom of Bangkahulu. Maharaja Sakti agreed with their ideas so they held a coronation ceremony in the palace. On the day of the ceremony, a big storm suddenly appeared in the kingdom. They also canceled the coronation ceremony and waited for the storm to subside. But the storm did not also subside.

Maharaja Sakti became curious about the storm, it looked like he was not destined to hold the coronation ceremony. So he decided to ask the dukun about this unusual situation. The shaman told him that if he wanted to be king in the kingdom, he would have to marry the offspring of a legitimate king. After that, Maharaja Sakti asked the shaman to find the existence of the princess
Sang dukun menggunakan kekuatan gaib nya dan dia pun menemukan bahwa sang putri berada di gunung Bungkuk bersama saudara-saudara nya.

Maharaja Sakti mengirimkan beberapa prajurit nya dan juga penasihat nya untuk pergi ke gunung Bungkuk untuk menyampaikan pesan nya pada sang putri dan kakak-kakak nya. Ketika mereka sampai di gunung Bungkuk, mereka segera menuju lokasi Putri gading Cempaka dan mereka menyatakan niatan mereka pada nya dan kakak- kakak nya. Putri Gading Cempaka dan kakak-kakak nya menyadari bahwa ini sama persis dengan yang dikatakan ayah mereka sebelum dia meninggal, maka mereka pun dengan senang hati menerima lamaran itu.

Setelah itu, Putri Gading Cempaka dan kakak-kakak nya bersama para prajurit yang dikirim untuk menyampaikan pesan dari Maharaja Saktu kembali ke kerajaan Bangkahulu. Mereka mengadakan pesta pernikahan yang besar di sitana dan mereka menobatkan Maharaja Sakti sebagai raja yang baru dari kerajaan Bangkahulu dengan Putri Gading Cempaka sebagai ratu nya. Bersama-sama, mereka membangun kembali kerajaan itu dan memindahkan istana ke lokasi yang baru di Kuala Sungai Lemau. Saat proses pembangunan telah selesai, mereka mengubah nama kerajaan itu menjadi kerajaan Sungai Lemau.

The shaman uses his magical powers and he also discovers that the princess is on the mountain Bungkuk with his brothers.

The Maharaja Sakti sent several of his soldiers and also his advisers to go to Mount Bungkuk to deliver his message to the princess and his brothers. When they arrived at Humpback Mountain, they immediately headed to the location of the Cempaka Ivory Princess and they expressed their intentions to her and her brothers. Putri Gading Cempaka and her brothers realized that this was exactly what their father had said before he died, so they were happy to accept the proposal.

After that, Putri Gading Cempaka and her brothers along with the soldiers sent to deliver a message from Maharaja Saktu returned to the kingdom of Bangkahulu. They held a large wedding in Sitana and they crowned Maharaja Sakti as the new king of the kingdom of Bangkahulu with Putri Gading Cempaka as his queen. Together, they rebuilt the kingdom and moved the palace to a new location in the Kuala Lemau River. When the development process was completed, they changed the name of the kingdom to the kingdom of the Lemau River.

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