Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lia Wahyu’s Letter

Lia Wahyu
Jl. Sepakat

Hello my friend, how are you there? I hope you are good. I miss you because we have not met in a long time. Do you miss me too? If you are on vacation, I hope you can visit Lampung. I’m sure you will love it because it is a beautiful city. I will take you to many places like Kiluan bay and to the most beautiful places in Indonesia. I know that you love surfing and I have so many secret places for you to surf, so I recommend you to visit here a couple of weeks.

Hopefully we can meet soon, my best friend..

Your friend,

Desi Suryani

Author & Editor

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  1. Hello to my friend, I'm fine.
    Yes,I miss you too. Wow, I was very interested there. I'm going to Lampung next week. See you next week, my best friend.

    Nama : Ocha Febri Sihombing
    Kelas : XI MIPA C

  2. Nama : Ocha Febri Sihombing
    Kelas : XI MIPA C
    Hallo my friend, I'm fine. how are you? I also miss you so much. yes, just pray hopefully I have time to take a vacation and visit you in Lampung. what will we do in Lampung? I hope I will like it.

    Oh yeah, what about your family's news? is it busy now? it looks like you are very busy😂 well if there is free time I hope we can meet, see you soon ..

  3. Name:putri febryanti
    Class:Xl mipa C

    Good cabin,yeah I miss you too much when i go to lampung I will go to your house I will invite you to read every corner of the tour and surf with you