Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Meyliana Sari Dewi’s Letter


Jln. Pandawa,12 Jogjakarta

Hi, Nab.
I’m so glad hear that you and your family love my oleh-oleh from my city.

I’d like to say thank you first for your gift birthday. I love it so damn much anywaaaay. Thank you for sending me those Jogja’s oleh-oleh too,me and my family enjoy it very well. Hehehe

Its been along time since our last meet, i miss every moment we spent together, i miss to talk with you every single day, i miss to laughing for something aren’t funny, i miss to sharing every food that we bought, i miss our deep conversation about our future, this life,and this world.

Hope that we can got same university -our dreams university- and being superduper partners again. Wait for campus life and we would going there together!

May Allah let me and my family visit your beautiful city as soon as possible.

Your Bestfriend

Desi Suryani

Author & Editor

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