Thursday, January 17, 2019

Monica Riani Agustina’s Letter

Bengkulu, 10 January 2019

Monica Rani Agustina
Jln. Bawal No 20

Hi my companion, how are you there? I trust you are great. I miss you on the grounds that we have not met in quite a while. Do you miss me as well? On the off chance that you are out of town, I trust you can visit Lampung. I’m certain you will love it in light of the fact that it is an excellent city. I will take you to numerous spots like Kiluan inlet and to the most delightful places in Indonesia. I realize that you cherish surfing and I have such a variety of mystery spots for you to surf, so I prescribe you to visit here a few weeks.

Ideally we can meet soon, my closest companion.

Your companion,

Desi Suryani

Author & Editor

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  1. Name : Pariska falensia
    Class : 11 mipa c

    Hello, my friend, I'm fine. yes I miss you too. I will soon visit your city my friend. and I hope you can also play in my city. Are you still like the traditional place of my friends? You know that the city of Jogja is famous for the old city and if you visit the city I eat I will take you on a trip to my old town friend. yes and you still remember that I like surfing, wow and I can't wait to see people playing surfing on Lampung beach. I will visit your city after completing the school exam later and I hope you can also visit my city, my old friend.
    sweet greetings from paris

  2. Nama: Chairunnisa
    Class: XI MIPA C

    Hi too friend. How Come l'm good, How are you doing. I also miss you very much for three years.

    If l go to Lampung l Will stop by your place and we Will go on attractions that you say.