Thursday, January 24, 2019

My Idol by Ghaimbibie

My idol is Ibu Elin ... because she is an art teacher and I like art subjects, besides the art teacher I like from her, she is very disciplined and strict, she is also funny, friendly, cheerful and beautiful. Before studying she told her students to singing Indonesian songs so we are excited to start learning. sometimes he is often angry with his students for being undisciplined, but that is what I like about him. He is also forgiving, every student is undisciplined, he must forgive his students and be given guidance so as not to violate again, even though there are also students who are still violating, but he still guides his students to be smart.

Desi Suryani

Author & Editor

You can act like me, dress like me, speak like me, but you CAN'T be ME. Please come and have a look my super life.


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