Thursday, January 24, 2019

My Idol by Lutfia Agrinda

my Name Is Lutfia Agrinda, from class X ips c, I idolize One of the teachers in state senior high school 06 city of bengkulu, namely our class teacher who is named Mother Anita, I idolize her because she has a beautiful paras, and a good heart, she is The teacher I like most in school, I am very happy because he became my homeroom teacher, Anita's mother is very good to all her students, she is very patient, that's what I like the most, her class is very lucky if she has homeroom like mother anita, He's Like My own mother, he also likes to joke And sometimes Sometimes Like Angry, it's all because of our actions that make him angry, but sometimes I as his student, I like to think "Why is he so strong responding to us students What is full of behavior? "😂hahaha ... I am very grateful to the teacher of Anita, if there is no one we are somehow 😂 Sometimes we are very afraid of him, afraid of not going up in class😂 because our silly act, but we remain dear To the mother of anita teacher 😘 thousand anita teacher is our hero 🤗yeah, our hero 😘Thank you and thank you for the many for Ms. Anita, I love her very much 🤗

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