Thursday, January 24, 2019

My Idol by Sherina

My idol is mom Anita, I idolize her because she is very good, my mother always loves us, always gives us good advice for us so that we do not fall into ignorance, Mom  is very beautiful, Mom anita she is never angry with us even though often makes him angry, he is very patient to face our delinquency, always give input if we ask, one of which I and my friends from Mrs. Anita is that she is very sociable very easy to make friends in any case, she is one Our angels, whom we love so much, mom anita are our teachers who are no less beautiful than the artist koera😂, 

I really love you mom anita

Desi Suryani

Author & Editor

You can act like me, dress like me, speak like me, but you CAN'T be ME. Please come and have a look my super life.


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