Thursday, January 17, 2019

Rondi Wilian’s Letter

Bengkulu, January 2, 2018

For Sis Putri

How are you, Sis? Wish you good health always. I don’t think we’ve seen it for nearly 2 years. Understandably because Sister must be busy with her work and I’m also busy with school. Especially this semester I started working on the assignment. Please pray that I will finish quickly and be able to graduate this year.

Oh yes, father and mother sent greetings to Sis Putri. They have started to miss their grandchildren in Bengkulu. The holiday at the end of this year is planned to be played in Malang. I’ll take you to Bromo later, Sis. Already that’s it, see you later in the year.
Wassalamu alaikum …

Your brother, Rondi

Desi Suryani

Author & Editor

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