Thursday, January 24, 2019

Toba Lake by David Dwi G

Long ago , in a village in the northern part of Sumatra island there lived a young orphan farmer. He lived from farming and fishing . One day he was fishing a very beautiful fish . The color is golden yellow. When he holds, the fish turned into a beautiful princess. He doomed to be a fish for violating a ban. He will turn into a kind of creature who first touched it . Because the human touched, then she turns into a princess.

The young man fascinated by the beauty of the princess and ask her to marry. The application is accepted on condition that the young man would not tell the origin of the princess who comes from fish.He agreed the terms. After a year, the couple blessed with a boy. He has a bad habit that is never satiated . He ate all the food .

One day the child was eating all the food from their parents. The young man was very annoyed said: "The basis, this child, breeds fish ! " That statement by it self had unlocked the secrets of their promise has been violated. Hearing the words of the father, the child complained to her mother, asking what the meaning of his father's words. Knowing the husband had broken a promise.The princess and son disappeared mysteriously . The land of their former footing bursts a springs. Then the water that flows from the spring growing bigger and bigger. And become a vast lake.Now, The lake is called Lake Toba

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