Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Analytical Exposition ~ Aisyah Aldini Utami, Nelsa Septian Putri, Qotrinada Alfajriyah

The Importance of Internet for Education

The impact of internet in education has been far reaching and still developing. It has created instant access to a wide variety of research information to help students learn.

Nowadays, internet access has created the potential for students to learn new material easily. The time students have at class is limited, so the teacher sometimes cannot give all the explanation needed. In this case, internet can help students to get more explanation.

Internet has become now way of life. In the future, on students’ working life, they will have to use internet. So it is wise for the teacher to give assignment which related to it. For example, teacher can ask students to give the assignment via e-mail.

Internet has big impact on education. There are many positive things students and teacher can get from it.


1. What are the benefits of the internet for student? 
2. How tu use the internet wisely?
3. what other positive impacts on the internet are for student students ?
4. mention other examples of internet use for student students?
5. is the internet very useful now? give your opinion.

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