Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Analytical Exposition ~ Andhika Pranata, Andi Wijaya, Ronny Wiryadinatha

Juvenile delinquency factor in students 

I think juvenile delinquency in students today are often happens around us. Factors such as the occurrence of juvenile delinquency, family, friendship or association, and electronic media 
First, the family is the main factor of its happening juvenile delinquency. Broken family is not harmonious causing a child to perform actions that are not in accordance with the norms. But it can also be caused by the poverty of the family and the lack of religious knowledge of family

Second, the association is the next factor of juvenile delinquency. Association in choosing friends can determine the quality of the students. If a student incorrectly choose his friends would not cause any action by the rules so every so often among adolescents who had known drugs, cigarettes and others.
The latter, the electronic media became  juvenile delinquency factor because through this medium students can find out various acts of violence. Such as fights or brawls between groups

Conclusion or repetition
Of the above facts, we as students can avoid delinquency of these factors and try to be a good teen

1. Why can juvenile delinquency be affected?
2. What are the factors that cause juvenile delinquency?
3. What is juvenile delinquency?
4. Can the environment cause juvenile delinquency?
5. What kind of environment can cause juvenile delinquency?

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