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Analytical Exposition ~ Meyliana Sari, Rosita Soleha, Dita Julia Sari

(In the era of globalization, it is common for communication to go through Social Media because of the distance, the time, and the condition to keep in touch with each other. It cannot be denied that Social Media developers are creating many new features for socializing social media that it can be difficult to move and generate benefits for the owner of an app that causes addiction for them to continue surfing on Social Media.) Thesis

(Today teens don’t know how to disconnect. Social media has allowed them to take their life online from the time they wake up till they back to sleep via their smart phone. One reason this “always connected” activity is harmful is because of the alarming trend of cyberbullying. Bullying has now moved from not only being in the school and on the bus, but online. What does this mean? If a teen is getting bullied, they cannot get away from it! The people bullying them simply continue their bullying via social media.

A new study has found that teenagers who engage with social media during the night could be damaging their sleep and increasing their risk of anxiety and depression. Teenagers spoke about the pressure they felt to make themselves available 24/7, and the resulting anxiety if they did not respond immediately to texts or posts. Teens are so emotionally invested in social media that a fifth of secondary school pupils will wake up at night and log on, just to make sure they don’t miss out.

Another impact social media has had on teens is teens being more comfortable online doing things that they should be more sensitive to doing. A separate study by the National Citizen Service found that, rather than talking to their parents, girls seek comfort on social media when they are worried. The survey also suggests that girls are likely to experience stress more often than boys – an average of twice a week.) Argumentation

(Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others are basically created to connect everyone around the globe so they can interact and communicate each other. However, too much exposure of social media can also be bad especially for teenagers. As it mentioned above, social media could become media for bullying, risk them of anxiety and depression, and risk their real-life social interaction. Therefore, social media are dangerous for teenagers’ health both mentally and emotionally.) Conclusion


1. Why does the developers creting many features in Social Media?
2. There are so many risk in Social Media, so why does the teenagers keep surfing on their Social Media?
3. Did you think the writer can influence the readers?
4. What is the point of paragraph 2nd?
5. What the purpose from the text?

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