Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Analytical Exposition ~ Miftahul Izzati, Sela Susanti, Amelisa Julyananda

Drugs are a substance that can lead to addiction so that the user will continue to acquire it. Now, drugs have poisoned many indonesians. And most of them are young people. That is usually the result of a lack of attention from parents, as well asan unhealthy association. They do not think about the dangerous impacts which will appear after they consume it.

First, the users will have the impact for themselves. They will have brain function disorder and they do not grow normally as other teenagers. Besides, poisoning is the symptoms that arise due to the use of drugs in a lot number, it influences their body and behaviour. If they consume it in an excessive dose, they will get overdose that can cause death by stoppage of respiration or brain blooding. Overdose occurs due to the tolerance so that we need a dose which is greater or for a long time we stop consuming it, then we put up with the former dose in use. Health damage or organ function disorder like liver, heart, pulmonary, the kidney, the endocrine glands, reproduction, and skin diseases will also appear.

Second is the impact for their family. The comfortable and peaceful atmosphere of their family can be disturbed. The family are worried because their belongings are lost in the house. Their children are lying and not responsible. They steal, deceive, and become asocial. The parents are embarrassed because their children are the addicts. The parents feel guilty, and try to cover the child. The future of their children is unclear. The children are dropped out of school or unemployed. Stress level increases. Parents are desperate for the increased output of money, or because their children must be treated in the hospital for many times, maybe even live in prison. Family should bear the burden of these socioeconomic problems.

Third is the impact for our country. The mafia of illicit trade are also trying to supply drugs. The dealers relations with victims are connected and they create the black market. Therefore, the market is formed and we are difficult to break the chain of their courses. The consumers of narcotics do not have durability and sustainability so that our country’s development is threatened. The state will suffer loss because the people are not productive and crime increases and also the infrastructure that must be provided.

The misuse of drugs that is done by people can cause impacts not only for themselves but also for their surroundings. The loss that they suffer is huge for this case. The impacts of drugs misuse are really hazardous and bad for ourselves, family, and our lovely country.

1. What are the effects that will come after they use drugs?
2. Why can drugs lead to addiction to users?
3. Why can drugs cause death?
4. Why is drugs so hazardous to health?
5. What does drugs do for our country?

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