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Analytical Exposition ~ Rizki Habib Rahman, Putra Ramadhan

Indonesian Corruption and Culture

(Thesis) Indonesia is a country with the widest region in Southeast Asia, rich in natural resources and with a variety of ethnicities, races and languages. The community is increasing from year to year, causing conflict with the government about government leaders involved in corruption. Corruption has happened for years and today has become a bad culture in Indonesia for three reasons.

(Argument) Most Indonesian adults or foreigners have known and acknowledged that corruption occurs in many places. Daily newspapers, news programs on TV and radio have reported corruption everywhere, in almost all departments or public services in the country. Corruption occurs in the health sector, education department and bank. When we managed to get some documents in a public service office, we usually needed a lot of money to pay. Manipulation happens everywhere.

Measures to eradicate corruption are weak. An increasingly strong culture does not seem to end when responsible institutions that must strengthen justice today commit corruption. This is the worst. Corruption occurs in police departments, courts where judges, prosecutors, lawyers make agreements to commit corruption. We all also heard at the end of 2004, Probosutejo reported that he had bribed the Supreme Court, or called the Supreme Court, which was the highest level at which justice could be obtained. Maybe you should try to come to the local court and see what happened there. You will see the practice of bribery and other types of corruption. Therefore, we can say that corruption is our culture. Do you like it?

Residents have no good intentions to fight corruption. They create situations where people have the opportunity to commit corruption. Citizens like to break the rules because they are not disciplined. For example, on the road when they drive a car or ride a motorbike, they do not have a driver's license or documents needed. Then, they were arrested by local police. To avoid more difficulties, they like to bribe officials. The clerk let them go. In other words, residents and officers alike, commit corruption together. If only people are critical, disciplined, and obey the rules, and are willing to report wrong behavior, this country will not be the number one corrupt country in the world.
(Reiteration) Conclusion Based on these reasons, we can conclude that corruption is a bad culture in Indonesia if it is not ended by us all. It seems that there must be more severe penalties for Corruptors. Do we still care about the future of our country?

1. In which institutions does corruption occur in Indonesia?
2. What is the highest court in Indonesia?
3. What is the punishment for corruptors?
4. Where do we report the corruptors?
5. How to eradicate corruptors?

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