Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Intan Kasturi's Letter

Bengkulu, February 2, 2019

To my student : Andhika Pranata

Hello Andhika I also thank you because you have done the assignment that I have given.
And the time assignment that you sent me because it's late is okay because I appreciate that you intend to do the task.That's a good critique and input Andika, I also apologize for often not entering your class because of tasks that cannot be left behind and I also hope that I can teach you as usual, if I have no assignments to work on, I will try to get into your class again. I hope for one if I rarely enter and teach you, I hope that you can understand the assignments that I have given and hope that you all succeed in studying. Aamiin. 

From your teacher 

Desi Suryani

Desi Suryani

Author & Editor

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  1. Name:Winda Tri Harianti
    Class: XI MIPA C

    Hello teacher
    Your welcome
    And thanks also for the understanding and relief that you have given me.

    I also understand your other busyness besides teaching us.,