Monday, March 18, 2019


By Mardalena Wulandari from XI IPS B

Flooding is an event that occurs when excessive water flows soak the land. Usually floods come suddenly and flow so quickly that they wash away objects. There are two types of floods namely, flash floods and small floods.

The cause of flooding does not only occur due to natural factors but also humans factors. If natural factors namely, high rainfall in an area so that river water cannot accommodate water as usual. while, the human factor is to throw garbage randomly into the river so that the river water flow becomes clogged.

The impact of floods is that valuable items are lost, public facilities are damaged, clean water is scarce, diseases arise, physical damage such as buildings or houses.
Floods can be prevented by always throwing garbage in its place. Do not make garbage in the river area which can actually cause flooding, the effect of which will return to each of us.

Questions :
1. What do you know about floods?
2. What causes the occurrence of floods due to natural factors?
3. Why throwing garbage into the river causes flooding?
4. What are the effects of the flood?
5. How to prevent flooding?

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