Monday, March 18, 2019


By Rika Putri Pratiwi from XI IPS B

waste is one of the objects that cannot be used or used anymore. the type of waste itself is divided into two, first is organic waste and the second is non-organic waste. organic waste is garbage that can be decomposed by bacteria very easily for example vegetables, dried leaves. while non-organic waste itself is a kind of garbage money is very difficult to describe such as bottles, cans, plastic and so on.
Surrounding the rubbish community is indeed a phenomenon that is quite widely encountered. In the beginning, rubbish is a matter that is usually scattered around the house and so on. However, it turns out that garbage can have a considerable impact on the community itself, such as floods, landslides and can also be a source of disease

1. What do you know about garbage
2. What are the causes of garbage?
3. What are the types of garbage?
4. What is the impact of garbage?
5. What are examples of organic and non-organic waste?

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