Monday, March 18, 2019

How did the Tsunami occur?

By Veni Febriyanti from XI IPS B

Tsunami comes from Japanese and consists of 2 syllables namely "tsu" (port) and "nami" (wave). Scientists usually interpret it as tidal waves (tidal waves) or seismic sea waves (ocean waves caused by earthquakes). Tsunamis are ocean waves that come suddenly at high speeds that lead to the coastal area, caused by volcanic activity or earthquakes under the sea.
The process of tsunami is more clear:
- There is a vertical movement on the plate in the form of a fault
- Fault causes the sea floor to rise which is called an earthquake
- Water balance is disturbed
- The emergence of a tsunami wave that moves towards the beach

Signs of a tsunami:
- the presence of earthquake and earthquake accompaniment
- water conditions at the beach suddenly recede
- there was a roar very high tide

When an earthquake occurs and the surface of the sea floor goes up and down along the fault, that's when the tsunami is formed. The fault causes disturbed sea water balance. Large faults will produce large waves too.
Shortly after the earthquake occurred, the sea water will recede. And it will return to land in the form of a large wave (tsunami).
Tsunami also occur due to volcanic eruptions on the seabed which result in high movement of sea water or nearby waters.

1. What is a tsunami?
2. What is the process of the tsunami occurring?
3. What are the signs of a tsunami?
4. Tsunamis consist of 2 tribes namely?
5. The name of the tsunami according to scientists is?

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