Monday, March 18, 2019


By Intan Kasturi from XI IPS B

Landslides are one of the natural disasters that often occur in Indonesia. This disaster often occurs during the rainy season that occurs for days, causing land in the hills to become landslides.

Usually the most frequent occurrence of landslides is during the rainy season. When the rain has subsided, the water in the soil will experience evaporation. The existence of the evaporation process makes the structure in the soil hollow where when the rain falls back, the water will enter the bottom of the slope and make lateral movements that cause landslides. Thus, it would be good for the public to be vigilant during the rainy season. There are several ways to prevent or prevent landslides that we can do, among others, by planting trees so that the roots of trees can hold water that enters the soil.

Just like other major disasters, landslides are also considered disasters that can cause many losses. Some of these disadvantages were the loss of lives of victims and causing injuries to affected victims. In addition to causing many casualties, landslides also bring material losses to the surrounding population including houses and rice fields which are eventually buried by the rubble of the land. Therefore, when the rainy season hould always be vigilant and stay away from places or areas prone to landslides, and also better take refuge in a safer place if the rainfall is high enough.

Answer the question below! 
1. Explain the meaning of landslides in your own opinion! 
2. Explain the process of landslides! 
3. Mention how to deal with landslides? 
4. Mention some of the losses incurred due to landslides? 
5. what do you do in the event of a landslide?

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