Monday, March 18, 2019

M. Kevin Irsyad S Replied

Name : M. Kevin Irsyad S.
Class : 11th Social B

Reply to Andhika Pranata’s Letter

Bengkulu, February 2nd 2019.

To my student: Andhika Pranata

Hello dear Andhika, it’s my job to teach you all I know as a teacher. It's okay to be late as long as you still sends the assignments. You are one of the students that I trust on English. It’s alright, Dear, we all learn from mistakes. And also I want to apologize because I rarely come to the class, because I also have a lot of things to do that I cant leave. But yes, as your request, I would try to lessen my schedule so I could teach you all more. Thank you, Dear.

Your Teacher,
Desi Suryani

Desi Suryani

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