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By Mega Herlina from XI IPS B

Rainbow is a natural phenomenon that is so impressive. This phenomenon often arises after rain. Pelangi is an arc of spectrum that is so large and occurs because the water points are refracted by sunlight. When the sun shines and passes through water droplets, you will witness a refraction that causes various colors to emerge.

The process of the rainbow begins when sunlight passes through raindrops. Then the light is deflected into the center of the droplet. Previously white light, now separated from each other into a color spectrum. The process doesn't stop there. The colors that have been separated, then separate back to the very small parts. There is more light separated from each other on the droplets. The longer, the light becomes more curved and forms a curve called the rainbow.

Then can we make rainbows ourselves? Yes, of course you can. There are ways to make rainbows, namely

Place the mirror in a glass filled with air. The glass used is a clear glass glass.
The room we use is more and the walls are white.

Highlight the flashlight into the air in the glass that is here. Adjust the direction of the light until the rainbow appears that we want.

CONCLUSION: rainbows are formed due to the refraction of sunlight which causes various colors to emerge. And we ourselves can also make rainbows through the reflection of light.

1. Explain what is meant by rainbow?
2. Why can a rainbow cause a variety of colors?
3. How can the color of the rainbow be curved ?
4. How to make an artificial rainbow?
5. Why does rainbow have a different color?

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