Monday, March 18, 2019

Social Media

By Ayudia Eysa Putri from XI IPS B

Social media is a channel to get along and do with connecting to the internet. Use can easily send messages, share news and activities for other users.

Increased technological developments from this. Nowadays, social media has become a major requirement for young children to adults. Indonesia is one of the most internet users in the world.

The use of social media must agree to use not to harm yourself. Basically, social media is a tool to devote complaints. More people like to bully others.

Social media is a means of communication that facilitates interaction between humans and can be useful for educational facilities and others. But if it is misused, it can improve a lot, so it must be careful in its use.

Question :
1. What is meant by social media?
2. What are the benefits of social media?
3. What are the types of social media?
4. What is the impact of social media on life?
5. What are the positive effects of social media?

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