Monday, March 18, 2019


By Kintan Dwi Oktaviani from XI IPS B

Tornado is a natural phenomenon in the form of very strong winds and forms a connection between cumulonimbus and the ground. Usually this wind is a condensation funnel with a narrowed tip touching the earth and surrounded by clouds carrying debris.

Tornadoes occur because of clashes between hot and cold air. besides that there is an air current that rises upward strongly in the clouds. usually a tornado occurs when the transition season.

Tornado can cause damage because it can knock down and bring whatever is passed. plus more tornadoes often occur together with lightning and heavy rain. in a year there are many losses of life and material due to tornadoes.

Questions :
1. Explain the occurrence of a tornado?
2. What is the meaning of a tornado?
3. What is the shape of a tornado?
4. When does a tornado occur?
5. What is the impact of a tornado?

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