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By Alya Salsabillah Indah from XI IPS B

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In Indonesia, we are very familiar with the word "tsunami". This natural disaster has killed thousands of souls in Banda Aceh a few years ago. Indonesia nourished, the world is grieving, then how the tsunami occurs? The following a brief explanation of the process of how the tsunami is tsunami. The tsunami can occur if there is a phenomena that cause the phenomena that cause the movement that causes the movement of water in the ocean. Like the volume of volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, and meteors falling to earth. However, 90% of the tsunami are the result of the earthquake earthquake. The vertical movement in the earth's crust is at the bottom of the ocean causes the movement of the seabed rise or down suddenly then causes the water balance disorder on it. This disorder causes an active sea flow. So it becomes a large wave that produces tsunami

1. When does the tsunami in Banda Aceh happen and what impact is generated? 
2. How do the actions people's and governments in handling tsunami that appear in Indonesia?
3. Describe how the tsunami process and where often tsunami occurs? 
4. If for example where place you are happening tsunami, then what action you will do to save yourself and your family!
5. Mention and explain the cause of the tsunami!

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