Monday, March 18, 2019

What Happens to Lightning

By Lili Rahmawati from XI IPS B

Lightning is a natural phenomenon. This lightning can be analogous to a giant condenser. In this case the first plate is a cloud that can be cast as negative or positive, and the second plate is Earth which is considered a negative plate.

Lightning occurs because of the potential difference between clouds and earth or with other clouds. Lightning also occurs through several processes. To see in detail the processes released by lightning are as follows:

1. The filling process in the cloud is because the cloud keeps moving regularly and continuously. During this move, the cloud will move with another cloud which will contain the negative one which will discuss on one side only and vice versa will support the positive side.
2. A negative release occurs, this occurs a potential release between the cloud and the earth is quite large. This will exceed the agreement to load negatives from clouds to earth to achieve equilibrium. In this transport process, the media through which electrons (negative energy) is air
3. When electrons are able to penetrate the air isolation boundary this is what happens to the sound explosion that we hear as a thunderous sound.

Lightning is one of the most powerful and destructive natural phenomena. Even though the lightning current is only momentary, it is about 200 microseconds, but the damage caused is very extraordinary. The effects of direct attacks are very obvious, ranging from building damage, damage, to the danger of death for humans.

● Answer The Following Questions!
1.What is meant by lightning?
2. Explain the lightning process?
3. In the process of removing a negative charge, what media is passed by an electron?
4. What is the effect of the lightning direct attack that is very clearly visible?
5. What is the estimated lightning current?

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